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  ATLANTIC, founded in 2007, aims Turkish university students to have foreign business experience or academic education through some career programs abroad.

ATLANTIC offers consultancy services such as; Summer Work & Travel USA, Language Schools, Intern/Trainee, University Abroad, Certificate/Diploma, Green Card, Work and Study.

Our participants are directed to most proper program by our experienced
advisers by taking their personal characteristics and level of education into consideration.
Our consultants help our participants at all subjects in every period from enrollment to program start and end dates. Consultants of ATLANTIC have been abroad before with one of these career programs, that’s why since ATLANTIC founded, they have been following a student based mission by reflecting their experiences and knowledge to our company policy. Thus, our participants can reach the most reliable information by taking whatever they wonder from its source .

ATLANTIC is ready to co-operate with accredited institutions from all around the world in order to provide the best service to its participants.

Our motto; ‘Education is a key that opens all doors to the world’